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Our products enable you to implement the functionality you need today while ensuring that you can meet tomorrow’s needs with an extensible, module-based architecture.

Working for International corporations, market leaders and Governments, we've learnt how to scale our technology, deploying applications and systems that function to your needs.

Betawire - An extranet that allows software developers to collaborate, as well as report progress to project managers. More information

Clinwire - An advanced, modular software system allowing the deployment of various interconnected web based applications. More information

Intranet Server - An advanced intranet management system incorporating common functions such as task management, document creation and data gathering. More information

WarpCM - An advanced, multi publications content management system, with inbuilt syndication capability and integration into number of other applications. More information

ClickShop- An advanced, easy to use ecommerce system with shopping cart, inventory management and more.. More information

- An advanced, multi format brand management system, with inbuilt remote access and integration with other systems. More information

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